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Appalachian State University professor appointed to the Board Of Directors of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™

January 7, 2015

Timothy Ludwig, Ph.D., was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™ (CCBS) during its 2014 Annual Meeting of the Trustees recently held in Atlanta, Georgia.Read More

Dr. Ludwig’s recent Keynote Speeches

Enform Petroleum Safety Conference.  May 8, 2014.  Banff, Alberta, Canada.

6th European Conference on Behavior Based Safety and Applied Behavior Analysis. June 6-8, 2011.   Rome, Italy.

Safety Week Keynote, Langley Research Center, NASA, May, 22, 2012, Langley, VA, USA

HSE Transformational Leadership for the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry, December 14 & 15, 2011,  Abuja, Nigeria

5th Annual Safety Culture Forum at Beijing,   November 28, 2011 (Virtual)

International Symposium on Behavior-based Safety and Safety Management, Beijing, China;  www.bsminchina.cumtb.edu.cn   (Virtual)

Occupational Health & Safety Management Summit, Bogota, Columbia;  www.ohs-la.com  

People-Based Safety in Africa Conference, Johanassburg, South Africa.

International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention, A Coruna, Spain;  www.orpconference.org

AmCham's Health Safety and Environment Conference & Exhibition, Trinidad and Tobego;   www.amchamtt.com

Behavioral Safety Now (multiple years);  www.behavioralsafetynow.com

Behavior Management Training Leadership Conference, Darington, United Kingdom;          www.bmt-leadership-conference.co.uk

People-Based Safety Conference (multiple years);  www.safetyperformance.com

and at Behavior Analysis conferences throughout the United States.

Dr. Ludwig was named in 

ISHN's 2012 Power 101 leaders shaping the Safety and Health world.

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