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Dr. Ludwig has had the honor of working with impressive professionals across many industries around the world.  Here are some statements by these individuals associated with their engagement with Dr. Ludwig:

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I really like to read the articles on the web site, it helps me keep things in perspective. I tell you one thing you hit it out of the park with the last group, we had a lot of good feedback saying the you were awesome and everyone really got a lot out of your message.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next event.....Stay Safe and thank you for making your stamp on the world….

John Hughes, Union Pacific Railroad


I am working for a large utility organisation in Europe and I find your blog extremely helpful. Coming from a background in behaviour analysis I can find it quite difficult to tailor my language to suit non-behaviour analytic audiences and I find that your blogs and stories really help in explaining behaviour analysis, and I circulate them any chance I get! Obviously, I learn a lot from them as well - the area of safety is relatively new to me and I appreciate being able to read about the practical side of things.  

The safety stories on the website are particularly useful and more and more people on my team are reading and referring to them. We have an already existing safety psychology training programme, and slowly but surely we are including more and more practical, employee-driven work addressing observable behaviour. Even outside of our team, more and more of our frontline workers, managers and senior managers are asking to know more about behaviour based safety – it’s a great resource to be able to supplement published research with eye catching and interesting stories from your website. Thank you! 

Our safety community is growing also in Poland.  I just found your web page by searching internet.  I was especially interesting in safety stories. In my company we are sharing safety alerts and also best practices. But they appear form time to time. As a Safety Manager in the oiI plant I try to say something about safety during everyday meetings so that’s why I need to gather more information to share. Moreover I found on your page information about BBS program. We also have it on place.  But you better know that it is quite easy to start but difficult to maintain. I like your enthusiastic approach to this program.

Anna Dynak -Safety Manager- ADM Szamotuły

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