Dr. Ludwig served as Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management where the seminal research on behavioral safety was published in the 1970s and where current peer-reviewed behavioral safety research is still often published.  Dr. Ludwig is the past President of the Organizational Behavior Management Network that boasts the top behavioral scientists who apply their craft to organizational challenges, including safety.  Dr. Ludwig is invited to present his research and behavioral models at numerous scholarly conferences internationally.

Dr. Timothy Ludwig endeavors to use his science and practice to have an impact on the welfare of the human race.  Dr. Ludwig serves on the Board of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies whose mission to advance the scientific study of behavior and its humane application to the solution of practical problems, including the prevention and relief of human suffering.   Dr. Ludwig serves on the Cambridge Center's Commission for the Accreditation of Behavioral Safety Programs  that seeks to recognize and share the best practices of the very top performing behavioral safety programs in the world. Currently there are 23 Accredited companies worldwide.  This wealth of information can be accessed for free by safety professionals seeking to improve their behavioral safety programs. The CCBS Commission also co-hosts the annual national conference Behavioral Safety Now to disseminate best practices, current scientific findings, and practical advice to over 400 professionals a year.

Dr. Ludwig's Vita

Biography and More About

Dr. Ludwig has over 30 years of research and practice in behavioral approaches to safety where he integrates his empirical work into his safety consulting.

     Timothy Ludwig earned his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech researching the benefits of employee-driven behavioral safety programs under E. Scott Geller continuing his post-doctoral work in industrial engineering studying applications of W. Edwards Deming to quality and safety improvement.  After graduation Dr. Ludwig consulted with the Department of Energy to study and improve their management systems on the New Production Reactor project, a modern day Manhatten Project to build the next generation of tritium bomb. Thankfully the cold war ended and Dr. Ludwig proceeded to work with the US Navy's acquisition community (NAVSEA, SPAWAR) engaging in strategic planning and process improvement.  During his early career Dr. Ludwig consulted with other government agencies, hospitals, industrials, and distribution on quality improvement initiatives.

Tim's father was a preacher as well as a college professor and his mother was an elementary school teacher.  So its easy to understand why he wanted to be a teacher as well, and he has done so for over 25 years.  One of his favorite activities is presenting keynotes where his teaching skills can deliver meaningful messages to educate and inspire.  To this end, Dr. Ludwig has delivered over 100 keynote speeches internationally.  In his "day job" Dr. Ludwig is a Distinguished Graduate Professor at Appalachian State University where he teaches in the nationally recognized Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Human Resources Management Masters program. Dr. Ludwig's teaching has been recognized with the North Carolina University Board of Governors' Excellence award and has been inducted into his University's Academy of Outstanding Teachers.

Dr. Ludwig founded and directs the Appalachian Safety Summit where he brings in internationally renowned behavioral safety experts to Appalachian State allowing safety professionals to engage with these individuals in an intimate mountain setting.

Dr. Ludwig loves to write when he needs to get ideas out of his head, he does this through his website, books, magazine articles, blogs, and scholarly articles about his research.  His popular website is a content-rich resource of safety culture stories, blogs, research, videos, and services.  Dr. Ludwig was cited for the second time in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) “50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow”. Dr. Ludwig is the author of dozens of scholarly articles that empirically document the successes of methods to improve safety and quality in industry through behavior-based solutions. His books include Intervening to Improve the Safety of Occupational Driving, Behavioral Systems: Understanding Complexity in Organizations, Behavioral Science Approaches to Process Safety: A Response to Industry's Call, and Dysfunctional Practices that Kill your Safety Culture.  

Dr. Ludwig has over 30 years experience in research and practice in behavioral safety where he integrates empirical findings into his safety consulting. Dr. Ludwig has been around the world in his consulting practice helping  assess, design, and implement safety and quality improvement programs worldwide. He also has provided his expertise in Behavior Systems Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Quality Improvement to numerous private and government organizations.   A list of Dr. Ludwig's clients is available here.

Tim lives in the beautiful and ancient mountains of North Carolina with his wife Dr. Lori Ludwig (see her website here), dog and cat.  His three children are beginning their lives as they move to college, bachelors degree, and beyond.  

Dr. Tim Ludwig