Pre-BBS program?

"I have a question for you" 

"Is there a program, process, direction, or something, that could begin the move toward behavior-based solutions?  Something like a 'Pre-BBS' that would do no harm, but would get people thinking and acting positively?"

(from Christophe Studenberg - A BBS consultant in Central America)

I think there could be a Pre-BBS program although I've not heard of anything concrete.

If I were to devise one I would make it based on supervisor reinforcement of safe behaviors of employees.  Have the manager require supervisors to point out 5 safe behaviors a day (no card) and say "thanks".  Then at the end of the week the manager should walk around to employees and ask them if they have been thanked by a supervior for safety.  Each supervisor's name should be mentioned.

Simple cheap and effective.  It begins to change the safety culture toward reinforcement.  In sites where I have seen this type of program an interesting thing happens.  The employees themselves start reinforcing eachother!

I saw this at a food distribution facility in Arkansas U.S. and I was amazed by the positive culture it produced.

Management modeling is a powerful thing!

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