Valentine’s Sonnet to... (fill in the blank)

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When the time comes, off to work I go

While I think of you, my very best beau

Whom I must leave and head my way

And I’ll do the same till old and gray


The work I do, I feel valued for

If that wasn’t the case I’d head for the door

I like what I do, it makes me proud

But don’t think I’ve got my head in the clouds


A reason I work is to bring home the pay

For you whom I love and see everyday

I’ll say it out loud and in full view

A reason I work is simply for you


So this Valentine’s Day I’ll give you a gift

As I work smart and complete my shift

I’ll choose safe options and be on the alert

And do my best to arrive home unhurt

With apologies to anyone who knows anything about Sonnets.

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