Amazing Simple Ideas

Good day Tim,

On the life of Mine project at Sishen Mine where we are building infrastructure to increase the capacity of the mine.

The new big truck haulshop was completed structural with the sheeting to follow.

The contractor came on board with us and submitted the safety files for review and compliance.

After all permits were issued for construction the delivery started to arrive – long IBR sheets in bundles.

These bundles were unpacked for installation along the sides of the building. The long shapes these IBR sheets were awful to pick up and raise to an upright position to be fastened.

The shin protection were absent so a lot of contact were made to the edges causing abrasion sometimes small cuts.

During a safety coaching session an employee asked for hockey shin protectors to be tested.

These shin pads were very effective and it became a standard in their working instruction.

Employees still amazes me with simple ideas.

Give your workers the chance to express the concerns and support the meaningful ideas.

This project has achieved 500 consecutive incident free days today and is the pride of the Ramp-Up projects.




Marthinus Engelbrecht

Site Safety Superintendent



Yes Tim, it shows you what a simple - sometimes common sense - idea can do to improve safe working conditions. You sometimes need to think outside of the box.

By Pierre le Roux

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