Reinforcing a Yummy meal

I had a great experience yesterday.  Was in Anchorage and went to a diner for breakfast that was recommended.  The breakfast, good old eggs bennie, was perfect.  english muffin wasn't stale, egg cooked just write, all ever had a meal and for some just hit the spot?  Even the ham or whatever was thin and tasty....
So, I pulled out a ten dollar bill and called over the waitress.  I asked her, "Could you give this to the cook and tell him that my breakfast was the best damn breakfast I've had in months".  She smiled and said sure.  My objective wasn't the ten bucks, but the simple thank you for a great breakfast.   A few minutes later, in the back I heard "Holy shit, are you kidding me - how cool!".   The chef comes flying out and says "Did you give this me?"  I stated "Yes, you cooked my breakfast perfect and I'm appreciative".  He said "wow man, no one ever does this - thank you".  I said no problem and thank you!!!   I then watched as he paid it back personally for the next 10 minutes before I left.  HE PERSONALLY WAS BRINGING OUT EACH PATRONS breakfast.  He was jazzed - turned on.   It is so fun to have a moment where you recognize life is good...and others working their butts off might just find a better use for the next $10 in my wallet then whatever I'd waste it on.
Actively caring, kindness, does not need to be "random".   If intentional, a committed behavior daily, it's a ton more fun.   


Organizational Effectiveness

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