Restructuring Challenges

We are running a pilot BBS programme on one of the crews in our Reduction department. I studied BBS as part of my Masters degree (majored in psychology) so was employed to implement various psyc based systems down here. I’ve started slowly because not many people understand what psychology is (they all think Freud). The BBS pilot was running very well until we had to do some restructuring, then the stress of that really reduced how many observations were being done (they were still being done but at a much reduced rate). Now we are working with the leaders to get the process back on track. The guys really respect it they have just fallen into the “I don’t have time to do it” trap. I’m currently working with the guys to try and understand why they think they don’t have time and how we can set things up so they clearly do have time. I have no doubt we will succeed. The people here are so dedicated to their work and to safety. I’m very lucky to work with such a great team.

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