Stopping STOP and going BBS

I am at the New Zealand Aluminum Smelter. 850 people work here. When I arrived here one year ago, the Du Pont STOP process was here and dying a slow death. It had become a nitpicking exercise. A 'gotcha' game.

I have successfully convinced the management team to let STOP go and have showed them the BBS way. I have been given the go ahead to pilot the BBS process in our Reduction department (thats where the alumina is turned into aluminum). The department health and safety reps have been asked if they would like to participate in the design of the process. Some have said yes and some have said no. Thats ok. So right now I am slowly but surely demonstrating to the guys that BBS isnt about catching people out and that they have so much to gain from it. I have started taking some of them through the incident data analysis process and its so cool to see how much they are learning and how passionate they are getting. I am looking forward to the roll out. Watch this space.

Donna Carter

Safety Advisor
New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd,

Private Bag 90110, Invercargill
Tel:   + 64 (0) 3 218 5510

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