Using Covey's Advice

I have a few books from “Steven Covey” and I also met him in person back in the 90ths at a conference where he spoke about “7 habits of a highly effective people” which is a proven principle of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity and helping people solve personal and professional problems to promote leaders. Below some ideas to be implemented in a production department;

·         Managers to seek out 5 different operators every day and thank them for working safely.  

·         Consider someone from the production areas to act as a safety advocate that can help spread the safety culture. 

·         Asking engineers in each area to volunteer to lead the stretching exercises on a daily basis with the teams.

·         Meet with the Flow line Managers of the area to identify the appropriate stretches and help get employee leading the stretches.  This will be added to the Operation 6 review as part of the safety efforts.

 Scott Burkins and Carmen Ramos, LENOX Industrial Products and Services, Newell Rubbermaid

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