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Behavior is Neutral

Get this in your head; tattoo it on the back of your hand to remind you. Behavior is neutral. This simple mantra will set your safety program free of the dysfunctions that kill your safety culture.

Behavior is not right or wrong, good or bad. It just is.   Approach behaviors...

The Rule Mill

Rules are so easy to make.  So easy that they proliferate and the safety offices that produce them are often accused of being a “Rule Mill” because they continuously produce their “rules-of-the month”.  Why do we create so many rules?  One particular ‘cog in our mill’ (pardon the pun) that...

For those about to Rock: We Salute Caring

Mowing the lawn can be a real chore.  It is certainly not something I look forward to.  It’s also a chore that can be quite hazardous.  Lawn mower blades can spin up to 200 miles per hour.  Contact with these blades cause 20,000 injuries per year including 600 incidents of amputation and...

Bless her Heart: Responsibility for Others

I was having a great conversation with a new steering team charged with launching a behavioral safety program at a plant that made feminine hygiene products in the southern United States. I was making grand statements like, “One key to an ideal safety culture that drastically reduces injuries...

Complacency shouldn't be your Exit Strategy

Taken as a whole it seems like complacency is pervasive – the #1 cause of injury.

“I don’t know how it happened.  I guess I just got complacent and before I knew it I was in trouble”. 

Jack had been working the extruder for years now but this time he failed to recognize...

Talk the Talk! Your Safety Culture needs a Shave.

WHO HAS BEEN IN A TRAINING CLASS where some consultant is teaching you about “Culture”?  Shoot, you’ve probably been in many such classes.  The teacher was probably defining culture as:

The assumptions, shared beliefs, and values held by people in the organization.


Are there Gaps in your Safety Systems?

I must admit that was captivated, like many fans of the Shawshank Redemption, with the escape and ultimate recapture of prisoners at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upper New York State.  The methodical nature of prisoner David Sweat, incarcerated for the murder of a deputy sheriff,...

Does your Safety Culture have Enough Rebar?

Your safety management systems act like the structure of a building aimed at reducing risk. These systems can fail due to lack of participation.  They needed more rebar.  Ask yourself:  What behaviors do you need to build into your safety processes?  What must you reinforce?

It's Not My Car

I get asked to visit companies and diagnose why their behavioral safety program has “lost steam” or never got off the ground to begin with.  Inevitably, I find the whole program is run by the safety department and few anointed safety enthusiasts who do the observations or supervisors, who...

Below Zero

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest.Until your good is better and your better is best.”That Zero Harm goal on all the posters may seem insurmountable. A more fruitful path is to get to the numbers behind the number… a path to get you below zero. Let’s learn how some companies achieve...

I Learned Safety from my Kidz

“It’s just my bad luck to have a dad that’s a safety geek” my son exclaimed. “I don’t do ‘vert’ where kids fly up in the air and try to land back on the ramp. I do ‘ground boarding’ like when I make the board jump and flip then try to land on it”

“And I always wear my helmet”.

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